Who is Economyaat?

Economyaat is a Swedish platform for Arabic-speaking Swedes, operating nationally, that provides proper tools to increase economic integration in the Swedish society.

Economies was founded back in 2019 to achieve integration and mitigate the impact of the information gap in society when the difference between language and culture becomes an obstacle.

Economyaat is the only platform for Arabic-speaking residents interested in economic matters. The platform has managed to reach a wide audience through interactive and unique content on social media platforms.

Why Economyaat?

We have founded Economyaat to bridge the gap between the Swedish authorities and those who in need to have a good understanding of the Swedish economy, the economic culture and how Swedish society is structured.

Through us, everything from economic news to pure facts from authorities is available in an easy-to-understand way in Arabic.

All, the Society, authorities and private actors will benefit directly or indirectly through the presence of a third party that offers accurate, reliable and detailed financial information.

Our vision

Everyone in Sweden must have equal opportunities to absorb information about our society and utilize available resources.

We are improving the conditions for our target group.

With strong economic integration, our society is growing. Economies is an additional force for economic growth, entrepreneurship and increasing opportunities in the labor market for all Arabic speakers.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to raising the level of inclusion by increasing empowerment in the region that affects the existential level, which is the economy.

Our mission is to give more people the opportunity to participate in social life as equals.

Our history

It all started in the year 2019 through a Youtube channel. The founder, Mohamed Barhamji, noticed during his years of working in banking sector, that there is a huge gap in economics knowledge among most of the Arabic speaking customers.

Mohammed believed that this gap should be bridged through spreading skills and education in Arabic, to give everyone the chance for an independent economic life.

Mohamed then began recording videos explaining in a simple language the Swedish economic concepts and rules to all Arabic speaking audience.

In partnership with Ahmed Korbi, who is also an economist, the idea was developed after that, to be Economyaat platform and website was created.

The bless with strong competence and experience, which was the result of obtaining many consulting licenses, training courses and advisory services.

Economyaat aims to be a reliable and comprehensive source of information for all Arabic speaking Swedes.

Our team

Today, the company has a professional team that enriches the business with unique and extensive knowledge in both finance and business fields

Economyaat strength lies in the personal knowledge and experience that the founders have gained through years of working in banking and financial sectors inside Sweden and abroad.

How we work

We provide economic information in Arabic through:

  1. Keep an eye on daily economic news on both national and international level.
  2. Write interesting economic articles.
  3. Record both short and long videos dealing with economical topics.
  4. Sweden's first economic academy in Arabic.
  5. Sweden's first economic podcast in Arabic.
  6. Sweden's first economic dictionary in Arabic.
  7. Twelve different calculation tools in three languages to facilitate the individual's everyday life.
  8. Different easy to download formats with explanations on how it works.
  9. Offering specially designed courses in daily economy life and Swedish social system and modify it to fit all different academic levels for target groups, through an educational, simple language and easy access way in mother tongue.

In this way, we work to build bridges of communication between the Swedish community and the Arabic speaking Swedes.

We also educate others in Arabic about many important economic parts of our society.

Our Activities / Partners

We started a fruitful cooperation with the University of Halmstad in a project under the European Union called Ploutos, where we offer two educational stages, the first is business language and the second is financial literacy.

The purpose of the project is to train 30 people in their financial literacy.

This course help participants to gain a deeper understanding of the economic system and the financial choices that the person can make.

It is worth mentioning that the interest in this project has exceeded all expectations, as we have about 1,400 people who have expressed interest in participating in these educational courses so far.