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Economyaat is bridging the Swedish society and 600,000 Arabic speaking living in Sweden.

We help our target group succeed in Sweden and can also help companies and authorities to reach this target group.

Why advertise with us?

Economyaat is the first and only Arabic economic website in Sweden that has expertise in economic issues and information about Sweden.

We at Economies make a huge part of the information for important sections of the Swedish society available to all Arabic speaking people, which considered the second largest language in Sweden.

We at Economies understand the economy exactly the way we understand our Arabic language and culture. So we can convey your message in the right way to our target group!

How does that happen?

When you advertise with us, we create the advertisement with you.

We will produce illustrative graphical materials and produce short films based on your requirements. The we do the translation and adaptation for these materials to fit your Arabic-speaking target group.