Thinking outside the box

How do I think outside the box when planning to start a business? How do I break the mindset of entrepreneurs with foreign backgrounds? How do I find unique investment opportunities?

Many of us dream of establishing our own business and the reasons for this are many and different from each other, but if we want to find common factors among those who want to establish companies or we can call them entrepreneurs, we may find some common goals, including:

Creating a source of income, making a profit, achieving passion, innovation, etc.

For us as new citizens in European countries, our reasons may be somewhat different, so you see that a large part of us resort to establishing a company for the purpose of creating a job and a source of income because of our inability to find a job with a fixed income due to the difficulty of entering the labor market.

Unfortunately, many of them fall into the trap of repetition, as they do not find innovative ideas and do not conduct an effective and detailed study of the market in which they wish to invest, nor do they have sufficient knowledge of the regulations and laws in force related to the commercial activity in which they wish to invest!

Therefore, today we discuss these matters and try to answer some questions, the most important of which are:

How do I break out of the traditional thinking of entrepreneurs with foreign backgrounds?

How do I think outside the box so that I either come up with new ideas, or implement traditional ideas in new ways?

Are there other investment opportunities other than the traditional projects that we undertake? Do we have a chance to invest in it? If yes, what are the requirements? And if not, why?

What environment should I surround myself with in order to reach my goals?

Are there entities that can help me reach my goals?